Transaction costs and risks

Creating a workable investment strategy is one thing. Executing it with efficiency is another.

At Harvey Blackwood we recognize this importance and work with financial committees to deliver targeted solutions that seek to limit transaction costs and risk. As a targeted solution serving the specific needs of your organization, our execution services are free from the conflicts often associated with crossed networks or proprietary execution book management.

Liquidity pools

Leveraging on the power of technical advancements, our expertise provides analysis across over 100 key performing capital markets in pursuit of trading cost efficiencies.

Identifying stable, reliable liquidity pools and executing high-frequency trades (HFT) becomes an essential aspect of an alternative trading system (ATS) as corporations and institutions capitalize on fractional price movements over large trading volumes.

Round the clock trading

With a trading desk in operation 24 hours of the day, both buy and sell transactions are overseen by teams of experienced trading specialists. Whilst the majority of trades are automated, there are instances whereby only human intuition is able to decide on sensitive trade movements.

As your execution partner, we are responsible for capturing opportunities that present themselves if only during a limited and time restricted window.

Working in partnership with corporate committees and institutional management.

  Consultant advisory