Capital risk hedging

Overlay services to assist corporations and institutions with the management of risk-hedging across significant pools of capital.

Derivative-based solutions align with corporate strategy to mitigate risk without the unnecessary restriction of performance. Working closely with financial committees we look towards effectively managing market exposure as we determine ideal scenarios that conform to both short-term and long-term strategic needs.

Implementing an overlay service seeks to identify portfolio inefficiencies as detailed analysis attempts to uncover inconsistent applications of a specified risk/reward balance.

Overcoming portfolio slippage through the use of derivative vehicles such as futures and swaps ensure that ideal balance ratio is maintained as volatility cuts through unpredictable markets.

Overlay application services

  • Capital exposure management - Efficiently managing the exposure of capital as slippage is restricted and balance is restored to ideal levels.
  • Allocation structure - Identify ways in which capital can be utilized to optimize the risk/reward ratio. Overseeing fund mergers and the restructuring of asset allocation in line with economic conditions and shifts in committee policy.
  • Tactical asset allocation - Align capital allocation to ensure that long-term prospects are realized to meet distribution requirements.
  • Currency exposure - Incorporating currency overlays to protect against expected shifts in foreign exchange values as overseas transaction costs are effectively hedged.
  • Liquidity provisions - Targeting distribution requirements and maintaining liquid positions to satisfy short-term obligations.
Overseas trading and currency risk cost improvements

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