Sophisticated financial management

Serving high-net worth private clients, their families and their businesses in pursuit of a low-risk approach to capital appreciation.

Over the years we have successfully cultivated relationships, often spanning across family generations, as we continue to deliver over and above what our clients expect of us.

Discretionary portfolio management

Our discretionary portfolio management services are designed for a select group of private clients who wish to delegate the financial management of their capital to a team of competent professionals.

Harvey Blackwood develops portfolios in line with a client-specific investment profile that is unique to the circumstances, requirements and preferences of each client under management. Assets are allocated to accommodate the risk profiling of each client and are typically invested to capitalize on market conditions over a medium- to long-term horizon.

We believe that the long-term generation of wealth offers a much stronger guarantee for success by removing the risk inherent with short-term speculative plays.

How you can benefit

Clients can benefit from our discretionary services in a number of ways;

  • Portfolio design is unique to meet individual client needs. - Accommodating client specific needs is how we differentiate our services from high street banks and large financial institutions. We believe this close attention to individual client demands helps us to deliver above and beyond the expectations clients place on us.
  • Low manager fees - Manager compensation is minimal and decreases as a percentage as the portfolio grows. We do not charge an application fee and profits are tax free for overseas accounts.
  • Our advice, your decisions - Capital is allocated to meet your specific wishes. Unlike a 'portfolio of funds', you have the power and facility to exclude specific investments types from your portfolio.
  • In consideration of tax - Maximize returns through tax efficient investment strategy by avoiding capital gains liability often embedded into mutual fund structures.
  • Flexibility - The ability to maintain capital liquidity, positioning assets with the ability to capitalize on opportunities as they emerge.
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