Flexible retirement solutions

Focusing on investors who are nearing their retirement years or who may require additional income to complement a retirement lifestyle of choice.

Harvey Blackwood's multi-asset retirement solutions deliver a number of flexible portfolios to accommodate a range of investor preferences.

Restructure an existing portfolio

As lifestyle priorities change, our income requirements focus on maintaining a financial status that career earnings (salaries, bonuses etc) had previously provided for. Bridging the gap between professional compensation and living off retirement funds is where effective retirement portfolio solutions can facilitate a satisfactory retirement.

As such, when investors become more concerned with the preservation of accumulated wealth, an entirely different approach to portfolio management is required in order to serve a changing set of income requirements.

Risk management

Managing risk becomes a more essential part of portfolio management as sensitivities are closely linked to a diminishing scale of time. Being overly aggressive at this stage could prove costly to the sustainability of retirement funds as time cannot be used to recover the damage of costly mistakes.

Naturally, as the risk/reward balance shifts towards a more conservative approach, it is essential to make sure that the rewards in light of risk assumed are sufficient to meet immediate income requirements.

Maintain a lifestyle of comfort

Restructuring the design of a retirement portfolio to preserve the sustainability of income requirements becomes an evolving process as markets change and spending habits exceed income provisions.

Making sure that investments are working in the most efficient way possible, and aligning spending requirements with the availability of sustainable income is an ongoing financial management process.

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